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These are various things I've written. "Articles" is really not the best title; feel free to suggest a better one.

Fighting Back (December 8th, 2004)
My response to "How to Fight the Religious Right" by Brian Elroy McKinley.
My Problem With Bush (November 28th, 2004)
Why I voted for John Kerry.
The Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supreme (August 23rd, 2004)
Everything I've been able to find out about this Taco Bell test product.
Browser Windows In The Mac OS X Finder (June 26th, 2003)
Will Apple demonstrate that they really understand their users, or only that they understand Steve Jobs?
The Cost of Spam (June 6th, 2003)
How can spam cost you money, if you always just delete it? Here's how it costs me.
Does Santa Claus Really Exist? (December 25th, 2001)
Two articles, The Physics of Santa Claus and Santa's Rebuttal. I didn't write these; I'm just reprinting them.
A Mighty Fortress (September 15th, 2001)
A few thoughts reflecting on the recent tragedy.
How DNS Works (February 6th, 2001)
Hopefully this will clear up a lot of the confusion around how domain names work, and give you some of the background information you need to know when registering a domain name.
Heaven And Hell (November 18th, 2000)
A rather different perspective.
Women (July 4th, 1999)
An exploration of the strange mental block that prevents women's brains from functioning properly. It's really not a conspiracy, as many guys suspect. This is the second edition.
What is a geek? (June 16th, 1999)
Why I am what I am, and how I'm really no different from other people.
Mac User (May 24th, 1999)
You might be a Mac user if...
The Monster (March 30th, 1999)
A poem I wrote several months ago and have finally decided to publish. I almost never write poetry, and this is a format I usually don't like, but this is what came out.