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These are MIDI files I've made.

ClementiSonatina1.mid (34KiB)
In 2003, I was chatting with a girl online about music, and I mentioned that nearly all music can be broken down into a series of chord progressions. She disagreed, saying the piece she was learning to play on the piano could not be broken down into chords. To prove her wrong, I decided to take that piece (Sonatina #1 by Muzio Clementi), figure out what the chords were, then butcher it horribly, keeping Clementi's melody but adding other parts based on the chords. I also stuffed the 3/4 movements into 4/4 time.
DNA2-tv.mid (19KiB)
The theme music from the Japanese anime series DNA2. This is the shorter, edited version actually used in the series.
DNA2.mid (50KiB)
The theme music from the Japanese anime series DNA2. This is the full version from the soundtrack CD. My sincerest apologies for the cheesiness of the guitar solo in the middle; there's really no way to make a keyboard sound like a guitar, so I didn't really try.
FederationAnthem.mid (3KiB)
The anthem of the United Federation of Planets, according to the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Take Me Out to the Holosuite”. Composed by David Bell.
Kyosuke1.mid (18KiB)
The song “Kyosuke #1” from the 80s anime series Kimagure Orange Road. Throughout the series, one of the main characters composes and develops this piece while she's falling in love, and she secretly names it after him. There's a bit of instrumentation I couldn't quite reproduce in General MIDI, but it sort of works.
Leaning.mid (17KiB)
A modernized version of the classic hymn Leaning on the Everlasting Arms written by Elisha Hoffman and Anthony Showalter in 1887. I can't take credit for the concept of the syncopation, and the vocal harmonies are lifted straight from a hymnal, but the bass and drums are mine.
Matlock.mid (10KiB)
My cheesy arrangement of the theme song from the TV show Matlock.
Seymour.mid (24KiB)
The song “Suddenly Seymour” from the musical Little Shop of Horrors. Music by Alan Menken, lyrics by Howard Ashman.
SMB.mid (20KiB)
Music from Super Mario Bros., by Koji Kondo. I didn't make an ending for this, so after the second time through it just stops.
SMB-Underwater.mid (7KiB)
More music from Super Mario Bros., by Koji Kondo.
SMB2.mid (16KiB)
Music from Super Mario Bros. 2, by Koji Kondo.
SMB3-Grassland2.mid (5KiB)
Music from Super Mario Bros. 3, by Koji Kondo. This is from levels 2 and 4 of world 1 (“Grassland”), and a few other levels throughout the game.
Voyager.mid (7KiB)
My cheesy arrangement of the theme from the TV show Star Trek: Voyager. I think there are a lot of harmony parts and “fillter” instrumentation that I couldn't figure out, so it sounds a bit thin.
X-Files.mid (5KiB)
My arrangement of the theme from the TV show The X Files.