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This is software designed for UNIX/Linux systems.

BannerFilter 1.31 (35KiB)
A plug-in for the Squid proxy server that blocks advertising banners on the Web. See the BannerFilter home page.
Create-mbx (1KiB)
A simple shell script to create an empty MBX-format mailbox file, but only if something by the specified name doesn't already exist. Suitable for running just before using tmail or dmail to deliver a message to the mailbox.
Linux 2.4.x 3ware Patch (35KiB)
This is a patch for the Linux 2.4 kernel that adds an updated version ( of the 3ware SATA RAID controller driver. This version of the driver supports the new 3ware 9550-SX cards, which the driver included with the kernel does not support. To install: cd /usr/src/linux; zcat /path/to/linux-2.4.x-3ware.patch.gz | patch -p1
Phroggy.com 5.4 (89KiB)
Phroggy.com/opensource is a stripped-down version of the code that drives this site. If you don't know Perl, don't bother. There's no documentation beyond what's on the web page and comments in the code, but you can ask me if you have questions. Doesn't mean I'll answer them.
RotateBackup (1KiB)
A simple Perl script designed for deleting old backup files, to be called from a cron job. Requires filenames to be sortable in chronological order, e.g. containing the date in YYYY-MM-DD format.