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These are DOS files I've made for you to download.

Flower.BAS (<1KiB)
Screen saver-type Q-BASIC program. Draws a colorful pattern mirrored 4 ways.
Modes (2KiB)
A collection of batch files to change your screen resolution in DOS, including 40 columns, 80 columns, 25 lines, 50 lines, and more. Requires ANSI.SYS to be installed in your CONFIG.SYS file (device=ansi.sys).
Mystify.BAS (<1KiB)
A Q-BASIC program that looks just like the Windows screen saver Mystify.
Utils (12KiB)
A collection of DOS utilities to make your life easier. Several programs, wide range of usefulness. Includes one gag for fun (requires ANSI.SYS, see above).