These are pictures I've made.

BigPhoto.jpg (28 KiB)
A photo of me from spring 2001.
Cannons2.gif (28 KiB)
A screen shot of my shareware game, Cannons and Castles 2.0.2.
FirTree.gif (13 KiB)
I drew this in MacPaint on my aunt's Macintosh in 1991. I was twelve. I was rather proud of those branches, although the shape of the tree left something to be desired. Note that the computer I was using was old at the time; I think it was an original 128K Mac (with 128 KiB of RAM) or possibly a “Fat Mac” (with 512 KiB), running System 6 and older operating systems (depending on which floppy you booted from - at least one or two were old enough that they didn't support HFS).
MacOS.bmp (48 KiB)
The default Desktop Pattern used in Mac OS 8, in Windows Bitmap format. I used to set this as the wallpaper on the PCs in the lab at college.
Me-in-Opus.jpg (18 KiB)
A frame from the movie Mr. Holland's Opus, showing my mom and me behind Richard Dreyfuss in the Grant High School Auditorium. We were extras.
Me-Romeo.jpg (107 KiB)
A photograph of Juliet, from the 1960s movie Romeo and Juliet, in my arms. Photo of me taken by the computer teacher at my high school, using an Apple QuickTake digital camera, in the hallway on my way to class. Stuck together in Aldus SuperPaint on a PowerMac 6100 with 8 MiB of RAM, which is really nowhere near enough RAM for photo editing.
TI82Chess.jpg (6 KiB)
A screen shot of a Chess game I wrote for my TI-82 Graphing Calculator. You can't play against the calculator; it just manages the board for a two-person game. If I ever get a TI GraphLink, I'll upload it here. Actually, although it really does look exactly like that, this screen shot is completely fake, drawn in a graphics program. I was rather bored at the time.
Two.jpg (10 KiB)
Two of me, inspired by this. Summer 2003.
United.jpg (2 KiB)
This is intended to be used as a Buddy Icon for AOL Instant Messenger, and was made shortly after 9/11/01. I got the flag graphic from TriMet.