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These are assorted files I've made that you can download.

Macintosh files, including Cannons and Castles, other HyperCard stacks, and some fun things to play with.
Mostly batch files and Q-BASIC programs I made back in the days of DOS 6 and Windows 3.1, including a Q-BASIC clone of the Windows 3.1 “Mystify” screen saver.
A redirect script for Squid, the source code for this site, a log rotation script, and a RAID driver I packaged as a Linux kernel patch.
My first interesting Java application, a Connect Four game.
A few graphics, including the default desktop pattern from Mac OS 8 converted to a Windows bitmap file for use as a wallpaper, just to bother people.
Audio files in Sun Audio (.au) format that I sampled, mostly from Star Trek. Also a high-quality version of the Cannons and Castles opening fanfare in System 7 Sound and Windows WAV file formats, compressed with StuffIt and Zip, respectively.
MIDI files I've sequenced, including the theme from the Japanese anime series DNA2.