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This is a Java programs. There's only one. If I had been paying attention in my Java class, I might have made more stuff. Oh well. If you don't already have Java installed, you'll need the JRE from Sun.

Connect4 (5KiB)
My first interesting Java program, a two-player Connect Four game. This is not an applet and it has no GUI, so you must run it from a command prompt. You can run the jar file directly with java -jar connect4.jar. This new version has a vt100/ANSI color interface; if you're running in an environment where that won't work, add -plain to the end of the command line to use the old plain-text UI. (To enable ANSI color support on Windows XP, add DEVICE=ANSI.SYS to C:\Windows\System32\Config.nt; this does not appear to work on Vista.)